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PARK is excited to announce that the call for designers is now open for PARKSHOW 2017 in Edmonton and Calgary! PARKSHOW is an art and fashion exhibition with a focus on promoting emerging talent. Designers will be chosen based on their understanding of fit, quality, target market, and trend interpretation.

If you are interested in applying please review the application requirements and submit your application using the form below by January 15, 2017 for Edmonton, or February 19, 2017 for Calgary.

View Requirements

Please ensure your application includes the following...

  1. 1. Bio
  2. 2. Portfolio of past work
  3. 3. Images of what you will be showing at PARKSHOW (pictures, sketches etc.) NOTE: *We show in season – 2017
  4. 4. Answers to the following questions:
    1. a) How long have you been designing?
    2. b) Are you currently selling your work? If so - where and in what quantities?
    3. c) What are your major challenges as a designer? How can PARK assist you in overcoming these challenges?

Please contact Maeghan Archibald, Director of Fashion, with any questions.


Please attach 1-2 images of your work/product(s), company logo (if applicable), and a description of your company and the products/services you will be featuring. (Please note that photographs, business logos, and company description may be used for online marketing purposes.)

If you have any questions about our events, please feel free to e-mail us at

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